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FAQ for Covid-19 Antibody IgG Screening
1. What is Covid-19 Antibody test for?
To test the levels of Covid-19 Antibody present in your body through blood sample after second dose of Covid-19 vaccination

2. Who is Covid-19 Antibody test for?
The test is recommended for individuals seeking to find out if your body is responsive to Covid-19 vaccination. It is to test the levels of antibodies present in your body post-vaccination (14 days after second dose of Covid-19 vaccination). The levels of these antibodies vary from one person to another, depending on individuals’ immune system

3. When should you go for Covid-19 Antibody test?
It is highly advisable to go for Covid-19 Antibody test 14 days after the second dose of Covid-19 vaccination

4. Why is it important to follow the 14 days window period after second Covid-19 vaccination to check for Covid-19 Antibody levels?
The window period to develop and also highest reading (peak) of Covid-19 antibody levels in the body is 14 days after the second dose of vaccination

5. What if I’ve missed/exceeded the 14 days mark to check for Covid-19 Antibody?
You may still go for the Covid-19 Antibody test after 14 days, but not exceeding twelve (12) weeks after second dose of vaccination. However, your results after exceeding 14 days may not be the peak reading of levels/results of antibody

6. What can I see on a Covid-19 Antibody test result?
The Covid-19 Antibody test will provide a level of antibodies (quantitative reading) ranging from 0 – >150 Units/mL

7. What is the turnaround time for Covid-19 Antibody results?
2 – 3 working days

8. Is Covid-19 Antibody suitable for all types/brands of Covid-19 vaccine?
Yes it is

9. Is Covid-19 Antibody IgG test suitable for post Covid-19 patient to detect antibody level (those who didn’t receive the two doses Covid-19 vaccination)?
No, it is not suitable for post Covid-19 patient who didn’t receive the two doses of Covid-19 vaccination

10. What does it mean if I’ve completed second dose of Covid-19 vaccination but the Covid-19 antibody is not detected/present or very low?
You may be the 5% minority of the population who are not responding to the vaccine

11. What does it mean if I’ve completed second dose of Covid-19 vaccination and the Covid-19 antibody is detected/present? Does it mean that I’ll be immune to Covid-19 virus?
No, it is not guaranteed, you will still have the chance to contract Covid-19 from constant exposure of the virus. More research and studies are being carrying out on this at the moment. Therefore, it is important that you continue the practice of wearing face mask when you are out, sanitise your hands and also practice social distancing even though you had completed the two doses of Covid-19 vaccination with Covid-19 Antibody present/detected

12. Why do we recommend SARS-CoV-2 IgG including Neutralising Antibodies Quantitative Test instead of Covid-19 Total Antibody test as a post-vaccination test?
IgG are the main type of antibodies produced after Covid-19 vaccination, and IgG levels appear to decrease more slowly over time than levels of other classes of antibody. Therefore, IgG-specific tests are typically used to look for the development of long term immunity after vaccination.

However, the level of IgG that could confer immunity against the Covid-19 virus is not yet known, and having a positive IgG test does not mean that an individual is fully protected against the virus.

13. Is this test approved locally and internationally?
Yes, it is. Locally, this test is approved by MDA and endorsed by IMR/MKAK. Internationally, this test has received CE Mark and US FDA emergency use authorization (EUA).

14. Is fasting required for Covid-19 Antibody test?
No, fasting is not required

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